Tuesday, July 28, 2009

An ode to weiners

The Mr and I have been so busy making mosaics to for an upcoming show that there hasn't been any time for updates on the garden or perty cooking pics. I need to catch up on what everyone else has been up to as well, but until I get a few extra free minutes ........

I just wanted to share a piece we made to give to a dear friend for her birthday. She and her husband have two sweet Dachshund pooches - Gerdie and Sparkplug. They have just relandscaped their backyard with a combo of stone, brick and astroturf (we do live in the desert after all) and she's having a party to celebrate. This is our loving ode to her and her weiner dogs. I thought Annie's Granny might get a kick out of it too.


  1. HA! Granny's going to dig it. (get it? Dig...dogs...maybe I just need to go to bed.)

  2. Annie's Granny LOVES it...but change that black and white wienie to black and tan, mkay?

    Your friend is very lucky :-)

  3. Hah Ribbit - too funny! I need all the humor I can get during these dog days of summer.

    Granny, then I'll have to paint my friends dog to match the mosaic. She probably won't mind - right? ;)

    R, we need to have our crafty drink day. I still have that tabletop from HD that you were going to mosaic.

  4. It's the best gift ever!!! Thanks Mark & Maggie; I love it!!!