Saturday, July 11, 2009

Home & Hot!!!!!!!

It's supposed to reach 112 degrees this weekend, which is especially jarring because we have just returned from a lovely vacation in cool and beautiful Utah.

Whenever I leave my garden for more than a couple of days I always end up taking mental bets as to whether it will still be alive when I return. There are so many variables that can wreak havoc upon my green leafy children such as hanging out with undesirables i.e. tomato hornworms, aphids and the like or suffering from dehydration if those pesky pigeons break into the water cabinet (drip irrigation timer) and manage to dislodge the batteries.

After 10 days of neglect I found my garden still alive and producing but in need of some love and attention. The blossom end rot that had reared its ugly bottom seemed to have subsided but the largest population of whiteflies and aphids that I have ever seen took up residence in its place. I sprang into action like a mother hen defending her chicks, armed with insecticidal soap and diatomaceous earth in spray form. I will post later as to their effectiveness.

I will also post some updated pics of the garden once I have done some tidying and nursing, until then I thought I would share one of my garden harvest dinners and our latest mosaic.

Homegrown basil waiting to be transformed into a luscious pesto sauce.
I substituted almonds as I was out of pine nuts.

The evolution of a few simple ingredients into what I like to refer to as green gold. I do love pesto sauce!
Tossed here with penne, peas, broccoli and some homegrown red jewels (my tomatoes).

Our latest mosaic - I think it reflects my underlying desire for a pool!


  1. Desert Dame, you're such a pesto tease ;-) Mr.H says he doesn't like it, but I'm sure that's only because it's green! I don't think he has ever even tasted it, so I think I should spring it on him as soon as I get some more cherry tomatoes to add to it.

    Love the mosaic! I'll bet just looking at it makes your 112 degrees feel more like 100!!

  2. Love this post. I want more like it. Please freeze a little of that pesto and let me taste it in September. We have great pesto here, but the Desert Dame's food takes the biscuit

  3. Granny - I think you've hit on something. If one mosaic can make it feel that much cooler, then I should be able to turn it into a balmy 75 degrees with a few more!

    R, my basil plants should still be producing in Sept so you can come on over and we'll make pesto together.