Tuesday, July 14, 2009

.... Like a Phoenix rising in Tucson

I am diligently trying to nurse my garden through this, the most difficult part of the summer. Except for my continuing battle with white flies and aphids, things are going along decently well. There has been one fatality however.... the bush beans. They gave more than I expected, lasted longer than I would have thought and fought a valiant battle to keep going but in the end it was time for them to go.

With (hopefully) enough time to get another crop in for the fall I gave my bean seeds a good soaking in water and set them out to prosper. To my surprise, the very next day, like a phoenix rising in Tucson........... ta da!

And as I may have mentioned before it's hot - damn hot! At this time of year the stove becomes our most avoided appliance and most of our meals become of the "no cook" variety. I thought I'd share some of those in case any of you are in a similar situation and need a little inspiration.

Here is our spring roll feast made with all sorts of fresh veggies, mango, feta, avocado, chicken, tofu and sweet chili sauce. Just soak your rice papers (found in most asian markets and some grocery stores) in hot water, pick your favorite fillings roll, dip and enjoy!


  1. Now, those look good! I'm all for "no cooking", however Mr. H thinks he's being starved if he doesn't get the meat & potatoes dinner every night. That's why I crockpot so much.

    I was surprised that my neighbors were picking leaf lettuce from my AZ garden way into June. I had removed the rabbit protection and just left everything for the wild bunnies to enjoy, but I guess they didn't touch a thing (after they had eaten every one of my radishes!).

  2. If you were cooking those wonderful meals for me I'd have a hard time going without as well!

    I can't wait to see your AZ winter garden.

  3. MMmmmmmm,Can't wait to be in your kitchen again and at your dining table.

  4. Can't wait to have you back! Don't forget the secret recipe to get in the door - gnocchi!