Saturday, June 20, 2009

Patience is a (frustrating) virtue!

Waiting for the Gypsy peppers to turn red......

My Juliet tomatoes are beginning to blush.
They have been the most prolific of all my tomato plants.

Super Sweet 100 tomatoes, this plant is growing like a weed!

I am getting good fruit set on the Hawaiian Tropic tomato plants.

Black Cherry tomatoes have been my latest and least productive plants.

A cluster of Heartland tomatoes - they are also setting plenty of fruit.

Stupice has been true to it's reputation for having the earliest fruit. Can't wait to taste my first homegrown mater of the season!


  1. If you get to the point of being over run with tomatoes so you want to actually cook them, I have a couple of new meals that will take advantage of their home grown flavor.

  2. (knock on wood) I should have plenty of maters when you make it back to the Old Pueblo so you can show me what you've learned. Yay!

  3. Great blog! I'd be interested to find out how the black cherry tomatoes do. After reading the latest edition of Heirloom Gardener my mouth was watering for them. They are supposed to be more salty and less sweet which is right up my alley when it comes to maters!

  4. What a lovely garden! I was a complete failure at growing an Arizona garden last winter, I'm not sure I'll even try it again!

  5. Hopefully the black cherry maters will kick into high gear. I can't wait to be able to report back to about how they taste.

    Don't give up Annie! You've obviously got a green thumb and a lot of knowledge - I'm sure that you can have a wonderful winter garden here in AZ.