Monday, June 22, 2009

As the Garden Grows

Things are progressing nicely even as temps are 100+ degrees here in Tucson.

This is my first year growing peppers from seed. I have not had great luck in the past growing ordinary sweet bell peppers so I'm trying some new varieties. From L to R in the front row - Mini Bells, Yummy, Sweet Spot, Flexum and Carmen.

My first pepper grown from seed! It's a Carmen!

Usually this time of year is supposed to be too hot for lady bugs but I have seen little lady bug babies crawling over the plants gobbling up aphids. Perhaps they have stuck around because they like the Zinnias and Cosmos.


  1. I want a garden! This doesn't help. Sigh.

  2. Hey Desert Dame, What about fennel? Can I grow fennel in Tucson? Is it a winter crop? Leeks are right?

  3. Yes, fennel is a winter crop here. It doesn't get along with certain veggies though so you need to be careful when you are choosing a location to plant it.